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Our Mission

We are so glad you found us and after browsing, we bet you are too!

Nicora Boutique is able to provide you with the biggest labels at the lowest prices because we are a re-sale retailer for recycled clothing.  

We are major supporters of "saving the planet, one dress at a time" and we have made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint! Most, if not all, of our clothing is pre-owned, meaning the material its made from gets way more use out of it than ending up in landfill each year. 

Our inventory is usually rotated and culled every 6months and anything that hasn't sold is donated directly back into the local charity shops. 

We've recently partnered with Hero Packaging to pack and send our sold dresses away. Hero Packaging uses only recycled materials and the bags are reusable AND compostable! which means NO more plastic! 

When you buy from Nicora Boutique, you're not only helping your bank account but you're helping the environment by reusing and recycling, saving our land being filled up and polluted with unnecessary waste like plastic and fabric. Our future generations will thank you for it. 


Nicora prides itself as the middle man in fashion, bridging the gap between upscale boutiques and inexpensive store brands; at Nicora you will find all of your favorite brands at low sale prices. We pride ourselves in compromising the price- not the quality of our garments. 

P.S our stock is rotating daily so be sure to stay updated with our newest listings by subscribing to our newsletter, you won't be disappointed.


Happy Shopping Xx


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