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Our Mission

We are so glad you found us! (and after browsing, we bet you are too).
Our customers are often hesitant to shop from us and we get it, because "if its too good to be true then it most likely is" right? sorry babe, WRONG. How can we offer DESIGNER labels at 1/4 of their retail value? 
WELL, because we're an Ex-Hire Boutique, meaning many of our dresses have been previously worn or were sold as samples due to slight manufacturing mishaps (but don't worry, any faults will be mentioned on the ad).
Here at Nicora, we're not only big on labels but we're also big supporters in "doing our bit" for the environment. Though we aren't HUGE greenies we do believe in "saving the planet, one dress at a time" and we have made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint! By re-circulating clothing back into the community the materials, dyes and fabrics get way more use instead of ending up in landfill and polluting our environment with toxic chemicals.  
Our inventory is usually rotated and culled every 6months and anything that hasn't sold is donated directly back into the local charity shops or is up for grabs (YES FREE) during our Give Aways- so keep an eye out. 
We've recently adopted Hero Packaging in our dispatch satchels. Get this, they're reusable, biodegradable AND are made with recycled materials! Now, that's something to high five about! That 'plastic' you may see your dress wrapped in is actually a re-useable, re-sealable zip lock bag that you can hopefully find another use for. 
When you buy from Nicora Boutique, you're contributing to a world of difference AND helping your own bank account- spend less on your dress and more on your drinks (we'll cheers to that). By shopping with us you're doing YOUR bit for the environment by re-cycling and saving our land from being filled with plastic and fabric waste.  Our future generations will thank you for it.  
And remember, your worth is not determined by the price of your clothes.
Happy Shopping Xx
To schedule a fitting in our Ipswich (4305 QLD) showroom you can contact us here:
IG: @nicoraboutique
or contact us directly: 0477832210