How To Dress for a Girls' Getaway

How To Dress for a Girls' Getaway


Spontaneous Getaways are exciting but they can be such a b!tch to pack for- especially when they’re last minute.


We’ve probably all been there, where our Bestie calls just as we’ve finished work and begs us to join her on a last minute Girls Trip. Of course we can’t be effed but hey, that’s our Bestie and she would either end up missing or in prison if we let her go alone so that bout sums it up.

 “Now, WTF Do I Wear?!” 

Now, I might be a homebody these days but my Friday Night outings used to consist of a Wine in hand over dinner and an early night in. Partying was saved until the Saturday. I'm still betting Friday nights are pretty chill so I'm choosing a cosy yet classy dress as the winner. 

Our top picks, as your Friday Night companion, are 

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Now, Saturdays are usually the time to let your hair down and release the weeks worth of tension on the dance floor! So if you plan to hit the club we suggest  The Sylvester MiniThe Valerie Mini  or The Andie Mini Dress to get heads turning! 

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On Sunday Morning, after a big night out, you'll probably wake up to the new friend you brought home. Her name is Hangover and don’t tell her, but nobody likes her (we suggest you drown her in water before the dreaded drive back home). Despite the pounding headache and seedy stomach, you’ll most likely head out to eat before you hit the road but hey, at least you'll look pretty while slowly dying. We recommend comfy fits like these to get you home! 

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