A Sustainable Future

We're BIG on Brands, BIG on Savings and even BIGGER on Sustainability. 

We aim to do our bit for the environment by "saving the planet one dress at a time" and  reducing our carbon footprint. By re-circulating previously-owned clothing back into the community, the materials, dyes and fabrics get way more use rather than ending up in landfill and polluting our environment with toxic chemicals.  

Where YOU choose to shop is so important and it can make all the difference in how our planet looks like to our future generations. 

Here are a few fun facts on clothing that you may not know:

1. On average, a person keeps an article of clothing for a maximum of 3 years

2. Each one of us throws away, on average 30kg of clothes each year!

3. Clothes do not biodegrade while in a landfill. An article of clothing could remain there for more than 200 years before decomposing as it is surrounded by (and sometimes made) of plastic.

4. Materials made by petrol, such as acrylic, are similar to any other plastic and will not decompose. Chemicals used in clothes, such as the one used to create waterproof material and color dyes, can leach to the ground and cause environmental damage.

5. While decomposing, clothes emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and Methane gas (CH4), a substance that is is 28 times higher than CO2 in terms of emissions. This is a major global warming problem.

6. Some of the clothes you throw away might be incinerated. Burning your clothes also contributes to global warming. It emits more CO2 emissions than electricity generated by burning coal.The gas released from burning a piece of clothing can be dangerous for the environment and for human health. 

Information sourced from: https://renoon.com/blog/what-happens-to-your-clothes-when-you-throw-them-away

The fate of your clothing is in YOUR hands.To avoid having your clothes incinerated or sitting for 200 years in a landfill, the best solution is to shop Second-hand swap or rent your clothes or donate your unwanted clothing to Charity. Don't just dump it. Our future generations will thank you for it. 

We try to rotate and cull our stock every two months to keep the styles fresh and updated. We also add new styles to our collections each week. Much of our clearance stock that doesn't sell is usually sold in bulk, donated or offered as a Free Giveaway in our promotions (Yes, GIVEN AWAY for FREE, so follow our socials to keep an eye out).

 We also adopt pretty-pink Hero Packaging in our dispatch satchels when we can. They're reusable, biodegradable AND are made with recycled materials. 

That other plastic-looking bag that your clothes arrives in is actually a re-sealable, durable, zip lock bag that we hope you can re-purpose. 

When you purchase from Nicora, you'll be saving yourself money, bagging absolute bargains and most importantly, contributing to a world of difference. 

Join us on our journey towards a healthier eco-system. 

And ALWAYS remember:

"Your Worth is not Determined by the Price of your Clothes"

We appreciate you. With Love, Nali. 


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