Our Mission

So if you hadn't already noticed, at Nicora we're BIG on Labels and BIG on saving you money but... did you also note that we're kinda big greenies too? 

We believe in doing our bit for the environment by saving the planet one dress at a time and have made it our mission to reduce our carbon footprint. By re-circulating our previously owned dresses back into the community, the materials, dyes and fabrics get way more use rather than ending up in landfill and polluting our environment with toxic chemicals.  

Our inventory is usually rotated and culled every few months and the dresses that haven't sold are usually donated to our local charity store or we offer them up for grabs in our Give Away promotions (Yes, for FREE, so keep an eye out on our social media platforms). 

We've also adopted pretty-pink Hero Packaging in our dispatch satchels; they're reusable, biodegradable AND are made with recycled materials. 

That other plastic bag your dress arrives in is actually a re-sealable, durable, zip lock bag that we hope you can re-purpose. 

When you purchase from Nicora, you're not only saving yourself dollars but you're contributing to making a world of difference and our future generations will thank you for it. 

And remember, your worth is not determined by the price of your clothes xx

With Love, Nali

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