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Nicora Small Business Consultancy

Nicora Small Business Consultancy

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Contact us to discuss how we can improve your business' efficiency and productivity. 

We don’t sell you dreams. We help you to build them.


Whatspp:  +6147832210

What we do  

Nicora Business Consultants work directly with small business owners to develop a realistic business plan, identify marketing needs and implement strategies to achieve your business goals. We strive to inspire and motivate you to unleash your business’ full potential. We offer guidance, recommendations and real solutions that can take your business to the next level. 

 How we do it

 Nicora Business Consultants have a proven range of problem-solving skills and will offer practical advice and recommendations to provide solutions that will increase your business’ profitability and efficiency. We have developed extensive knowledge within the fashion industry and have first hand experience in producing our own internet based fashion business with the buying and selling of second hand clothing. We help our clients reorganise their operations by providing intuitive guidance on marketing, advertising, shop displays and product photography.

We offer a range of professional services to improve your businesses efficiency, profit and overall productivity.

Our $89 Digital Services include:

-Product Photography (for upto three Images)

-Written Product descriptions (up to three products)

-Written Advertisements (for up to three products)

-1000+ Bundled Content Ideas to use on Social Media (Instagram and Facebook)

Our $199 Business Analysis Service Includes:

  1. Buyers Insight

This involves providing you with the first impression your customers get when visiting your store. We will present you with suggestions for improvements in displaying your products or how to dress and accessories your mannequins more eloquently. We will also offer tips to improve the outlay of your store if required, and suggestions for what may need to be added, changed or revamped in order to increase store-ambience and foot traffic.

  1. An in-depth analysis of your current Business Model

We will present you with findings from our detailed analysis outlining which aspects of your business needs prioritising. We will identify and explain how the current model may be affecting your current businesses performance and offer you guidance on how to correct this. We will also examine your current branding, tag line and logo and put forward any recommended changes we consider would gain your business more attention.

  1. Social Media and Marketing

We will provide you with a detailed report on what aspects of your Social Media Platforms require attention and offer you insight on how to improve them. This, for example, could include advice or training on how to schedule “automatic Facebook posts” or the setting up of other social media accounts such as Instagram.  

  1. Advertising

We will offer you an insight to the benefits of advertising your Shop locally. This could include the setting up of an online Business Profile in order to run paid advertisements, enabling your business to show up when “op shops near me” or similar key phrases are typed into Google.  

  1. Promotions

We will provide you with three different Promotions or Advertising Campaign Ideas, that are exclusive to your business, to drive sales and traffic to your store. 

  1. The Top 3

Additionally, we will outline the top 3 areas of your business that we suggest you focus on for the present, suggestions on how to fix these issues to improve business productivity. We understand how overwhelming new information can be when it’s coming all at once therefore we will list these in order of priority.

Nicora Consultants aims to expand your business philosophy by rethinking your business approach with a fresh perspective and a new view point. Often it’s not about what you do; it’s more of how you do it and who you do it with.

Whether you need all of the above or just a few points, contact our team to discuss your needs. 

We don’t sell you dreams. We help you to build them.

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