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We try our absolute hardest to cater for every body shape so please do not be offended if you can not find dresses in your size. Our 16-20 collection often sell out much faster than others- SO fast that we barely have time to advertise before its snatched up instore.

Our collections are organised by size because we only stock "one offs" or "limited styles". It's extremely rare that we ever stock the same dress twice- once it's gone, its gone for good so if you see something you love then snatch it up before somebody else does. 

You're also able to filter your search by colour, size, style or label by using the search bar for a fast, easy and convenient shop. 

All inventory is thoroughly examined to inspect the fabric and the garments 'true size' (in despite of what the tag may state). You can find our 'suggested size' under Recommended Fit on the listing- we hope this helps you in finding your perfect fit.

Our sizes are as true to the Australian size as possible but if you are uncertain please follow our Sizes Guide below for our recommended fit or come instore to try on.

Recommended Sizing Guide for Garments

*Measurement excerpt is taken in Inches only


All of our shoe measurements are taken by inner sole (where applicable) in centimeters.

All heel measurements are taken in Inches. 

We will state the size that your shoe describes (e.g EU 40 ) but will also offer you our personal recommendation on an Australian size (e.g size 9).


If you are still uncertain about your correct fit please contact us for your personal consult. We are here to help, always.



Happy Shopping Xx