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Nicora is a proud sponsor of Bears of Hope.

Bears of Hope is a network of trained experts who provide support, resources and Grief Workshops to parents, and their families, who are experiencing pregnancy and infant loss.  
Bears of Hope are not government funded and rely heavily on public funding and fund-raising to continue their mission.
Nicora is donating 10% of your purchase to Bears of Hope when you use code HOPE at checkout. Our customers will receive an appreciation shoutout across our social media platforms. 
in memory of our own Baby A’s it is of great honour to be apart of this cause.
For more information you can head over to Bears of Hope website or click here to discover ways you can help. 
Here at Nicora, and on behalf of Bears of Hope, we thank you for your kind support. Your contribution is making a world of difference.
“Finding out your baby has not survived during pregnancy, birth or infancy may be the most traumatic experience you will ever experience... Let us guide you towards healing, regardless of when you suffered your loss. We offer empathetic individual counselling or group support to help you in your journey.” -BOH
If you or somebody you know are seeking support surrounding pregnancy or infant loss we gently encourage you to reach out to the team at Bears of Hope on 1300 11 HOPE (at no cost) x
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All proceeds are forwarded to Bears of Hope -Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support

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