Our Story

Let's Get Acquainted

Nicora Boutique was formed by in 2016 by Nali, a fashion-enthusiast who refused to pay retail on anything. Nali made it her mission to curate her designer-inspired wardrobe by finding better ways to shop that would not only save her money but give her more value for her money too. Throughout her years shopping Op-shops and Markets, Nali discovered there were so many hidden treasures being thrown away daily (in the form of clothing, shoes, handbags, jewellery) that she knew she needed to share these  findings with her Brisbane community. Nali believed we could all reap the benefits of shopping second-hand while also creating a positive impact on our environment too. 

And so with that idea back in 2016, Nicora was born. She would bridge the gap between High End Couture and Department Store Brands. She would slow down the Fast-fashion Giants and try to create a more sustainable future. She would strive to make a difference in this world. 

Fast forward to 2023 Nicora has evolved from a few clothing racks in Nali's garage to a home-based Showroom that's even fitted out with a changing room. 

With dedication, commitment, nurture and support from our customers Nicora is a thriving, small business on an even bigger mission (we'll expand more on that once we get there). 

At Nicora we genuinely believe every woman deserves to feel unstoppable, powerful and secure in whatever they step out in. Money shouldn't become the deciding factor behind a woman's worth or self esteem. We despise woman paying hundreds of dollars on outfits because they've been taught to associate "High Class" with spending "big dollars" to feel glamorous. 

 We're sharing our secret with the world and will scream it from the rooftops until the angels hear it loud and clear:


Because Nicora sources their inventory through Fashion-affiliates, Dress-Hire Retailers, Boutiques and Op-shops we are able to heavily reduce the recommended retail value on all our products. In simple terms "if we get it cheap, we sell it cheap". We compromise on price, not the quality and we would never sell something we wouldn't personally wear ourselves. So you'll never have to worry about the dresses advertised being dupes or replicas. This aint Wish or Ebay (lol). What you see is exactly what you get.  

Another reason our products are reduced in price is because some of it is deemed 'Seconds or Sample Goods' and cannot be sold by the original retailer as they may have minor defects or imperfections. 

But, don't let that "seconds" talk scare you, rest assured all of our dresses are closely examined before they are advertised for re-sale. Many of our samples are only slightly flawed with maybe a pin-size mark or minor pilling. We ensure our descriptions are as accurate as possible for full transparency. Much of our products are in excellent, pristine condition, some still with original tags attached. 

A lot of our apparel is also bought directly from clothing retailers who have culled their clearance racks or End of Season Line and ....... (drum roll) that's how we're able to sell you a $400 dress for like 60bucks. 

If larger clothing chains are unable to rid, sell or donate their excess stock the clothing is at risk of being dumped into landfill or incinerated, leading to harmful impacts on our environment. You can read more about our Sustainable Fashion Future here: Where you Shop Matters

Our inventory is limited in style, size and quantity and we do that on purpose so we we are able to sell 'first in, best dressed' and to keep our inventory flowing. You might notice some of our clothing is weirdly unique- that's also done on purpose to make you stand out and to dress a little different than everybody else. 

oh and most important to note, what you see online is what we have and once it sells out there is a 99.9% chance of it never returning. We make it our aim to never stock the same things twice so if you see it and like it, buy it before somebody else does x

On our final note- just to reiterate: We compromise the price, never the quality, and we stand by what we preach; your worth is NOT determined by the price of your clothes.

Thanks for taking time out to read our novel. We look forward to the pleasure of dressing you soon. With Love, Nali.