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Our Story

Nicora Boutique was established in early 2016 to bridge the gap between high end, designer labels and department store brands. 

Our aim is to allow access to affordable designer dresses for our budget-savvy women who, like us, despise the idea of spending their weeks rent on one dress. 

We don't charge you hundreds on dollars for our pieces because we just don't get it. We don't understand the point in spending hundreds of dollars on one dress, for one night to only end up in the back of the closet, never to be worn again (unless it's your wedding day of course). 

So instead, we do things a lil differently. 

Nicora sells new and used designer dresses that are sourced Australia wide from Dress-Rental Retailers, Sample Boutique Stores and other Thrift stores or markets. 

By re-circulating our dresses and shopping 'pre-owned', it benefits our environment by reducing waste AND it's easy on your bank balance. 

Every woman deserves that experience of feeling UNSTOPPABLE, CONFIDENT and SECURE in what they wear no matter the price tag. Do you remember that feeling? when you get your hair done, your makeup did, and you put on that statement-piece dress and you just feel 'different' -THAT'S confidence- that's our aim. We want our women to see their beauty when they step out of our store and into their confidence because it does exist, it just takes the right dress to bring it out.  


We are one of the first retailers to ever sell pre-owned hire garments, so we're kind of a big deal. Some of our dresses are seconds or sample pieces which cannot be sold by wholesale, as they may have minor defects or imperfections. Most of our dresses are bought directly from Dress Hire and Rental Boutiques who have culled their end of line or ex season stash- and that's how we're able to sell you a $700 dress for upto to 90% off RRP. 

All of our pieces are carefully, and thoroughly inspected before their sale and most are in prestine condition, but if not, all the descriptions are written as accurately as possible with full transparency. Our inventory is limited quantity, style and size. What is advertised is all we have and once it sells there's a 99.9% chance it will never be restocked ever again (so if you like it, buy it before somebody else does). At Nicora we LOVE being different, alot of our pieces are weirdly unique to make you STAND OUT. We love the attention- we are most definitely here for it. 

We compromise the price, never the quality, and we stand by what we preach; "your worth is NOT determined by the price of your clothes".

We thank you for stopping by and supporting our cause because YOU are contributing to a world of difference. 

Our packaging is environmentally friendly being biodegradable and/or re-useable.Your support in creating a better planet is appreciated. Thank you. 

NICORA BOUTIQUE SHOWROOM IS OPEN BY APPOINTMENT. TIVOLI, 4305 IPSWICH QLD. pop by and browse the collection, to book just call: 0477832210