Meet the Team



Hello, I'm Nali and I am the woman behind Nicora, (I'm also a  recovering shopaholic who loves nothing more than an absolute bargain). Fortunately, I have enough self control these days to quit hoarding those bargains and instead, pass them onto my fellow Queens

However,  I’m not your average Fashion Entrepreneur (If it weren’t for Spell Check I couldn’t even spell that word). Unlike many other business owners, I didn’t obtain a Degree in Fashion Design, I didn’t Major in Marketing, and in fact, I’ve never been employed in Retail- Im just out here winging it.

My "side hustle" was never intended to become anything beyond a hobby; selling clothes, to me, was a fun way of minimising my overflowing wardrobe and a fast way to make money. But come late 2017, Nicora officially become a registered business.

From as young as I could understand the value of a dollar, my dad and I would scour local markets and garage sales looking for things to buy, sell and make a profit on. The thrill of rummaging through people’s unwanted items was like searching for buried treasure! Soon enough, Op Shops, Clothing Markets and Garage Sales became second nature to me and I uncovered my natural skill in finding high end labels for less. 

As a teenager, I was finding enough designer clothing to 'accidentally' keep me in business; I realised not everybody possessed an instinctive eye for discovering designer apparel for less, like I did. I'd find designer bags, dresses, and shoes which I'd sell to my friends, and soon word got out and I was selling to their friends too. Fast forward to my adult years, I continued to do the same thing except I focused on one niche and expanded to the wider public. 

Finding the perfect name for my business was the easy part. To me, Nicora not only rolls off the tongue beautifully but it has significant meaning to me. Nicora is my big sister's middle name- somebody I consider to hold incredible value to my life (and she just so happened to be given the prettier name - insert the eye-roll emoji here lol) 

Now, don't get it twisted, I've never bought second hand because I couldn't 'afford' brand new, I just loved the thrill of 'buying more for spending less' and I still do. My friends would often tease that I was a tight arse but hey, I've never gone broke to look good. 

Maybe you stumbled across Nicora by pure accident (or maybe it was me bombarding your feeds with my advertising lol) either way, thank you for taking your time to check out what I’ve been working so hard on.

Nicora Boutique wouldn’t be in business without you.


With Love, Nali x