Finding the Right Fit for your Outfit - How to Choose Which Bra to Wear

Finding the Right Fit for your Outfit - How to Choose Which Bra to Wear

Unless you are blessed to go bra-less with your perky pair 

then Girlfriend, this articles for you. 

The difference between wearing a bra and wearing the correct bra for your outfit can make all the difference in levelling up your fashion game.

Lets start with....

A Backless Dress

Okay, Im’a just say it. Adhesive Bras are only your friend if you have normal sized boobs. Take my word for it - the Adhesive Bra didn’t do shit for my G’s except make me throw them in the bin. If your puppies are larger than a D cup you’re better off using Body Tape (pictured below) to create that backless effect. If you have an A-D bust then you will literally be ‘bringing sexy back’ in the Adhesive Silicone Bra. The self-adhesive bra cups have an inner layer of sticky adhesive so that they can literally stick to each individual boob. They have no backing and are the perfect match for a dress like our  Backless Mazzy Dress


A Strapless Dress

A Strapless Bra is pretty self-explanatory but lets break it down just in-case “Strap - less” . A bra without straps or in some cases, with interchangeable straps that you can either remove or alter to suit your outfit. This type of bra usually has silicone edging to ensues it stays in place (but if you’re still paranoid about slippage just run Fashion Tape or  Double Sided Tape along the edges for added strength and support). The Strapless Bra is perfect for strapless dresses like our Maiah Dress

-oh and babe, for the love of God, please avoid those tacky ‘clear’ straps. They are NOT invisible. Anybody with eyeballs can see them!!  



A Halter Dress

Following that Strapless Bra, this is where those interchangeable straps come in handy. Simply criss cross the back straps onto the opposite loop holes or use one strap to create a halter neck (otherwise the strapless bra would work too). The perfect choice for dresses like our Jocelyn Dress



A Low Neck Dress (or A Deep V Front )

Ever heard of a Plunge Bra? If not, they’re designed for low cut dresses and for wearing under ‘plunging neck lines’. Plunge Bras are low cut at the centre of the bra, offering less coverage but adding more support with its wider set straps and thicker waist band. They often give the illusion of bigger boobs and a better cleavage. Yay for the Girls. This bra was made for dresses like our Charco Dress 



A Tshirt Dress

The Bralette would work in your favour with this type of dress. A Bralette is lightweight, free from underwire and padding, and is usually made from lace. Although it offers minimal support, it does provide a natural looking ‘drop’ and are quite comfortable to wear. Dresses like our Bold Moves Mini would totally suit! 




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